Why definition of ‘Waste’ is changing daily?

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The definition of ‘Waste’ is changing daily. With increasing concerns about the environment, everyone should play their part in the Green Movement. What we are about to discuss now may not be in popular culture, but can be a source of pocket money as well as crucial for curbing the pollution of our environment. Scrap Metal Recycling is one such art.

Metals such as copper, aluminum, iron, etc are often disposed of in the garbage, but what we don’t know is that these metals can be recycled and can fetch good bucks when traded. Scrap dealers usually deal with large tons of scrap usually from construction sites. But don’t get disheartened. They also encourage small amounts too. Apart from local scrap dealers, there are a few startups who are dealing with scrap and can give you decent payouts in exchange for metal.

Identifying the type of the metal is the most important part as it will determine the amount you are going to receive. You are going to need a magnet to segregate the scrap.

They are usually of 2 types:


If the magnet clings to the metal, then it is Ferrous, like iron or steel. This is due to the presence of Ferrous(Fe) in the substance. They don’t usually fetch high payouts but can be recycled for few bucks. They are usually categorized into Old scrap and New scrap.


  • New Scrap: The are the by-products from manufacturing units. Common people generally don’t have access to this type.


  • Old scrap: Anything from our home appliances to our automobiles that is old and is made of iron and steel. We can easily get access to these items and they can be recycled. Steel from household construction also falls into this category.



The type of scrap which does not get attracted by the magnet. They are of high economic value and usually we get good returns if the metal composition is large enough. But the most challenging part is recognizing what metal you have.


  • Copper: It is usually reddish in color and the most valuable of the lot. It is a constituent of the wiring that we use, few household items like air conditioners, pipes, and electromagnets. In the case of electrical wires, underneath the dark colored insulation coating, we get the bright colored copper.


  • Brass: It is yellowish in color with a hint of red. It is very heavy. It can be found in faucets, bathroom fixtures, doorknobs, keys and light fixtures. They can contribute to the total weight of the scrap item because of their density, thereby increase total value.


  • Aluminum: Aluminium cans are the major contributors to this type of scrap. Even though they don’t fetch a lot of payouts, recycling aluminum is highly beneficial cause it can be reused within a few months and even saves about 80% of the energy that was used to make it.


Now that you have separated the types of scrap, its time to hit the local scrap dealers. Collection and sorting of scrap are also important to get high returns. Clean it and keep it safe. Each type should be in its separate container.

So next time before disposing of your old household equipment, give a second thought and bring it to the local scrap dealer. You will be contributing to the green revolution and at the same time earning yourself a treat at the McDonalds!!