Make Recycling Easy With Color-coded Bins

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In today’s generation, it is vital that we recycle as much as we can because of the waste incurred in all the products that we produce and consume. With the advancement of technology and greater consumption of people from all around the globe, it is difficult to even imagine how much waste there is. Recycling is a simple act that all of us should be able to practice. It is a little thing that we could do to save Mother Earth in our own little way.

Many people want to recycle yet they feel that it is a dragging task. Studies show that people do not recycle because they feel that it is inconvenient. However, we can think of a few simple ways on how to recycle without feeling that it gives us a lot of hassle and consumes most of our time. A solution to this is using color-coded bins. Having color-coded bins makes it easier to recycle trash in a sense that waste segregation becomes more convenient.

When you have bins of different colors, it is easier to see and know where you will put your trash. This means simply having different colors, each one for different kinds of trash namely biodegradable, non-biodegradable, glass and metals, etc., so that you can easily throw them separately when taking out the trash. If you still need a little bit of convincing, below are a few reasons why color-coded bins can help even more in recycling.

  1. You can also teach your kids to recycle.

Children find bright and different colors more attractive and fun. When you have color-coded bins, you can engage them in the act of recycling trash which they can also do on their own. Although it may take a few tries before they can correctly throw trash in the right bin, it is still worth the time and patience. You can hit two birds with one stone by teaching them; they have fun and learn how to segregate trash at the same time.

  1. Using color-coded bins lessens mistakes.

When you’ve already done segregating before but always end up making the mistake of throwing trash in the wrong bin, then having color-coded bins is the solution that you need.  When you use color-coded bins for a longer time, you get used to throwing trash to a certain bin with the corresponding color. After some time, segregating trash will seem to be a natural thing already.

  1. It is more convenient when taking out trash.

What most people do is to just segregate the trash when it’s already time to take out the trash for the collector to pick up. The problem with this is that it takes up more of your time and it is a more tedious task compared to segregating trash immediately. Moreover, some people get tired of this method that in the end they really don’t finish segregating the trash anymore. Using color-coded bins can put a different perspective in segregating trash. It eliminates the notion that segregating is a tedious task.

Here are just a few reasons on why we should segregate using color-coded bins. Aside from bins, cleaning materials can also be color-coded. For example, you can code color-code cleaning supplies for the bathroom red, and the ones for the bedroom green, and exterior cleaning products (glass cleaner for example) blue so that you will not mix up the cleaning supplies especially if you store them in one place. Color-coded bins for recycling may be a simple solution, but it is an effective one that can efficiently start the practice of recycling garbage properly.